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Doggy Be Good Podcast #15: DogVacay.com Boarding Could Be Illegal? Really?

DogVacay.com Boarding Could Be Illegal? Really?

We discovered in New York City, for example, that it is against the law to run a boarding service in your home for profit. It is also illegal there to run a boarding service for profit without proper licensing and other requirements fulfilled.

This could put folks who are offering boarding of pets on DogVacay.com and other similiar services at risk for financial legal penalties for violating health codes and other laws.

Below are the documents we've obtained. Listen in to what we discovered and how it could affect you...

Doggy Be Good Podcast #13: Old Cats and Young Pups

Old Cats and Young Pups (A Listener's Question)

We respond to a listener, Ryan, and her question about the passing away of an elderly cat and whether anesthesia could have led to its demise. We also offer words of advice regarding the Ryan's new puppy, a Shiba Inu.

We encourage you the listener to also submit questions in the comments field below so we can answer them for future shows.

Doggy Be Good Podcast #11: When Your Little Angel Passes On

When Your Little Angel Passes On

How do you deal with your pet as it approaches its final days of life? It is a subject we as pet owners need to deal with eventually. We discuss some of the serious emotional decisions about our pet's terminal illnesses, putting them to sleep, and their burial.

Please share any similar experiences you may have with us by adding your comments below or emailing us at: info@doggybegood.net

Doggy Be Good Podcast #9: Vets Do's and Don'ts

Vets Do's and Don'ts

How do you find a good veterinarian for your pet? How can you tell you've got a bad vet? And why is it important to keep copies of your pet's medical records?

Michael and Dennis explore some of the issues we encounter when we are searching or changing to the right veterinarian.

We also give an update regarding the terrible dog flu that's affecting many more states.

Doggy Be Good Episode #7: The Dog Flu

The Dog Flu

Everyone is concerned about the recent dog flu that is quickly spreading and affecting the health of many dogs. There have been at least 1000 documented cases and at least 6 canine deaths at the time of this recording in early April 2015.

We discuss some of the following concerns:

- What are the symptoms?

- Will the canine flu shot help alleviate the problem?

- What precautions should we take as dog owners?

If you have experience with encountering this issue, please share your insights with us by posting your comments below.

Doggy Be Good Episode #6: Selecting Your Favorite Breed

Selecting Your Favorite Breed

Selecting a dog breed as a potential new owner is a big decision. Some breeds may be harder to train than others. Some may be prone to health issues. Here are some words of advice to help you make your choice.

We also discuss a few questions from our listeners:

How to brush a dog's teeth?

How to cut a dog's nails?

How to deal with anal glands?

How to teach a dog to deal with fear and anxiety?

Doggy Be Good Episode #3: What Am I Actually Feeding to Fido?

What Am I Actually Feeding To Fido?

Did you know that things you love, like chocolate or grapes, can make your dog sick? That the can of dog food that says chicken dinner may contain very little chicken? Would you believe that some of the popular doggie treats contain some of the worst stuff to give to your dog?

We discuss some advice about the right and wrong things to feed to your dog. If you have any additional questions about your dog's diet, send us a question in the comments below, and we'll try to answer it on a future podcast.


Doggy Be Good Episode #2: Animal Welfare in Distress

Animal Welfare in Distress

Do you ever wonder how many dogs are put to death every year in the U.S. because they lack proper homes and other related issues? Would you believe up to 3 million? How have things gotten to this tragic stage? In this episode, Michael, Ashley, and Dennis discuss a small community example how these problems begin, and perhaps what can be done.

If you want to contact us about this topic, please send us an email or message at info@doggybegood.net or facebook.com/abrintle .